Difference Between 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch

Difference Between 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch

It’s safe to say that the Apple Watch is now the most sought-after smartwatch on the market. In addition, it has one of the biggest digital clocks on the market today. With the Series 4 and Series 5, Apple introduced two new standard watch sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The screen area of both models has risen by 30 percent compared to the preceding Series 3. Because of this, the hardware and software in both the Apple Watch 40mm and Apple Watch 44mm are almost identical save for their sizes.

Apple Watch 40mm Vs. 44mm

Apple Watches in the 40mm and 44mm sizes have different sizes of batteries, with the 44mm model having a larger capacity and a longer battery life than the 40mm model. Battery life is the most critical thing to take into account.

A significantly larger screen is seen on the 40mm Apple Watch Series compared to the 38mm Apple Watch Series. However, the bigger display is mostly to blame. This design is perfect for those with smaller wrists and for those on a budget. It’s not too pricey. The only size with a contemporary buckle is this one. It has a smaller footprint and a somewhat lower battery life.

Series 1 through 3’s smaller 42mm models have been replaced by the 44mm Apple Watch Series 4. This particular model has the most official wristbands. With a larger battery, it boasts more features and a longer battery life. Some people may find it too pricey and too large.

40mm Apple Watch

The smaller of the two Apple Watch versions measures 40 millimeters in height. At first glance, there may not seem to be many differences in size between the various Apple Watch Series models. 4mm is one-tenth the size of the Apple Watch out of 40mm, but 3-4mm here and there. The Apple Watch’s rounded rectangular design makes it difficult to compare it to a normal circular watch.

In the conventional watch business, none of the Apple Watch models would be considered excessively large or tall. The 40mm is more accommodating for smaller wrists. Display resolution is 394 x 324 pixels. There are three 40mm-specific bands: the Hermes Single Tour (in certain colors), the Hermes Double Tour, and the Modern Buckle.

As a result of the larger display, the Apple Watch Series 3 has a little larger display than the 40mm model. This bracelet is ideal for those with tiny wrists and wallets. It’s a good deal. A contemporary buckle is the only option for this size. Smaller and with a smaller battery, it’s not as long-lasting.

44mm Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is put through its paces by the company. When compared to ordinary watches, the vertical series is unique in that the case size is measured vertically. Compared to its smaller sibling, the Apple Watch has a 44 mm height. Human vision cannot discern individual pixels at typical viewing distances, resulting in pictures of Retina quality. The bigger Apple Watch (44mm) has more pixels, with a 448368-pixel display.

For the first time in a mechanical or digital wristwatch, the Apple Watch’s shell has to fit a Retina display, a processor, a battery, and sensors. The 44mm Apple Watch Series 1 through 3 replaces the 42mm version. Official bands abound on this model, making it the most sought after. Larger batteries allow it to have more features and to last longer. It’s more expensive, and some people can’t fit in it.

Comparison Between 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch

Parameters of Comparison 40mm Apple Watch 44mm Apple Watch
Display Area 759 square mm 977 square mm
Display Size 394 x 324 pixels 448 x 368 pixels
Dimensions 40 x 38 x 10.7 mm 44 x 38 x 10.7 mm
Wrist Size 130-200mm (5.1-7.9 inches) 140-220mm (5.5-8.7 inches)
Weight 40mm = 50g(Lightweight) 44mm = 55g(Heavy Weight)

Individuals, like flavors, come in many shapes and sizes. Some ladies prefer a bigger Apple Watch, while others prefer a smaller one. Smaller wrists prefer the larger watch, while larger wrists would choose the smaller one. Considering all of the above, you should go ahead and buy the size you choose. There are three types of 44mm Hermes Single Tour bands: the Leather Loop, and the Hermes Single Tour Deployment Buckle (available in certain colors).

What are the main differences between Apple Watches 40mm and 44mm?

  • An Apple Watch 40mm displays 759 square millimeters, whereas an Apple Watch 44mm displays 977 square millimeters.
  • The 40mm Apple Watch displays 394 x 324 pixels, whereas the 44mm Apple Watch displays 448 x 368 pixels.
  • The 40mm Apple Watch has a diameter of 40 mm, whereas the 44mm Apple Watch has a diameter of 44 mm.
  • 40mm Apple Watches have a wrist size range of 130-200mm, whereas 44mm Apple Watches have a wrist size range of 140-220mm (5.5-8.7 inches).
  • While the weight of a 40mm Apple Watch is 50g, the weight of a 44mm Apple Watch is 55g (Heavy Weight).


The hardware and software specifications of the two devices are identical, other from the case and screen size. In all cases, the 40mm and 44mm models were designed to fit a certain wrist size. Choosing one over the other only on the basis of this criterion is not the only option. The 44mm’s larger screen makes it easier to use and read.

When it comes to smartwatches, the 40mm model will function just as well since it doesn’t spend much time looking through notifications. There are two things to consider when choosing an Apple Watch: how it feels in your hand and how it looks. As a watch, it must be worn by someone. Because they share many characteristics, select the model that best matches your body and your style.

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